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  Taitech, Inc., is a research and development company devoted to research in propulsion and power, flow, fuel, combustion, micro/nano electronics, photovoltaics, high-power optical switches, and microsensor.  Over 40 scientists, technicians, and support staff members, including 16 Ph.D. research scientists, are located primarily at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and NASA Glenn Research Center.  Research and development programs at Taitech incorporate both experimental and computational fluid dynamics, with considerable corporate experience in instrumentation, operation, testing, and management of research facilities, and the development of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) codes. 

Taitech places considerable emphasis on high-quality independent research, and scientists on the staff have published approximately 40 research papers and technical reports over the last three years. The cumulative list of Taitech publications numbers well over 100. Collaborations with departments at several universities and with other corporations have proved particularly productive.  Facilities developed, managed, and operated at the Air Force Research Laboratory (WPAFB/AFRL) include a scramjet research facility, a supersonic mixing/combustion facility, and a supersonic jet injection facility.

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