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Recent Success Story: DRAGON is currently being applied, with considerable success, to three-dimensional problems.

Direct Replacement of Arbitrary Grid Overlapping by Nonstructured (DRAGON) Grid: Taitech and NASA research scientists currently are developing a grid generation code, DRAGON. The motivation for this work is the fact that grid generation takes approximately 70% of the CFD scientist's time on a typical CFD project. DRAGON has received very favorable reviews and now is under consideration for commercialization, assisted by NASA's Garrett Morgan Program. DRAGON is a hybrid grid scheme. It uses an efficient structured grid method to generate most of the grid for a given geometry, with unstructured grids at the interfaces of non-matching grid zones and areas of complex geometry. DRAGON is capable of completely eliminating interpolation between grids, thereby preserving the conservation property of the solution. It quickly creates grids for computations of viscous flows over components with complex shapes, such as those found in engineering systems. (Also see web site: http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/DragonGrid/)


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