Since Taitech's scientific and engineering team is engaged in highly specialized propulsion R&D, varied research tools have to be developed in-house to fulfill the requirements.  We realize that the market for those tools is very small.  For this very reason, it is not cost effective for researcher in our community to develop those tools from scratch.  

        The following tools are made available to our R&D community as a contribution from our research and engineering team:    

    1) Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV) for 2-D velocity measurements

    2) Pulsating fuel injector for combustion instability control

    3) "Seeder" for wind tunnel applications, coating, etching, and scraping

    4) Microsensors to measure pressure with fast (over 180KHz) frequency response

    5) Raman Cell as wavelength shifter (e.g. from 532 nm to 607 nm)

    6) Wind tunnel probes custom designed for severe environments

    7) Data acquisition software & hardware

    8) CFD software for propulsion analysis.


    Busemann Inlet Design


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